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Petranov, Nedkov and Partners Law firm was established in 2012 as prolongation of the long standing law practice of the founders with. Guiding principle in the law firm business is the individual approach to each different case.

Purchasing property


We will help you in case you would like to purchase a property in Bulgaria. The purchase process is not complicated and in most cases all goes smoothly. However it is always advisable that the prospective buyer asks for a professional advice and analysis of the property before the purchase.

In Bulgaria the document for ownership of real estate is called notary deed. It is always certified by special officers called notaries. In order this document to be prepared other documents are required, such as tax evaluations, schemes for theproperty, previous notary deeds, etc. Our advice will be based on the analysis of such documents for ensuring the owner really owns the property and the property is

When all documents are ready for the deal usually the buyer appears in front of the notary to sign the notary deed. However if you cannot or do not want to travel to Bulgaria we can represent you on the deal and purchase the estate on your behalf and account of.

After the purchase we will take care for submitting a declaration for the newly acquired property in the respective municipality, also can take care of changing the utility bills to your name, etc.



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